Question a Landlord Should Ask The Tenants before Hiring

property management renturhome 1Every Landlord wants to have a tenant who does not make any damages to his property and also pays rent on time. But this is not possible until and unless you have hired the right tenants for your rental property without screening them well. So, you should find the best and higher-quality tenants for your property. You must do background check, check credit history, criminal records, past eviction reports, etc. to know they are quality tenants and will be proved a good tenant. So, for selecting the best tenants for your rental property you must do screening and also ask right questions to them. Here are important questions that every landlord ask to their tenants before hiring and handover the keys to them:

property management renturhome 2Why are you moving?

It is actually not matters to you that why they want to move and in fact, you feel that it is not at all important for you to know why they are moving. But as they want to live in your property then, you must have the right to ask this question as it may be possible that they are not moving but has evicted from a rental property and you never want to hire a tenant who has already been evicted from a rental property. And this is why you must ask why they are moving?

002When do you plan on moving in?

If the tenants say next day or next week that means they aren’t a good planner. Most of the landlords require 30 days’ notice from their tenants before leaving the place and you surely don’t wanted to be the next landlord of such tenants who only got last moment notice for leaving the home and then will face problems for finding tenants.

property management renturhome 4Can is ask for references from your former landlord or employer?

Their previous landlord and the employer both can be proved very helpful and beneficial for you if you will ask the tenants to get a references from their landlord or employer. The landlord can tell you about the behavior of the tenants and his own experience as their landlord. The employer may not discuss their salary package but will confirm whether or not they are an employee or working in their company.

property management renturhome 4How much you earn?

How much a person earns is definitely none of your business but it does for your tenants. This is because their income will decide whether they can afford the rental amount or not or they will make excuses at the time of paying rent and then you will have to evict the tenant. So, ask them about their income and make sure they at least get paid three times more than the rent amount.

property management renturhome 5These are some important questions you must ask your tenant for your Maryland rental property. But if you don’t want to go through such tedious process and also want to hire higher-quality tenants for your rental property then you should hire Property Management Company Maryland. They will help you to find the right tenant and also manage your property in awesome way.