Basic Rules for Tenants of Rental Properties
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There are many landlords that have encounter with the bad tenants and have faced many problems during the tenancy period. And those who have never faced such kind of tenants are really lucky. Things with bad tenants even go worst which generally ends up in the court. So, if you have hired new tenants for your Maryland rental property then you must tell about the basic rules and responsibilities to the tenants that they must follow during their tenancy period. Here are the basic rules for tenants of rental property that you must let them know before signing the rental agreement.

download the agreement here PROPERTYMANAGEMENTAGREEMENT_final

Pay Security Deposit

The tenants have to pay security deposit and the amount of the security deposit cannot be more than one month’s rent. The part of this charge is taken as the security just in case the tenant has occur any damages in the property then the landlord would compensate the losses through this otherwise it is fully refundable.

Follow Rules of Lease Agreement

A lease agreement is the proof that the landlord has permitted the tenant to occupy space in his rental property. There are so many things that is mentioned in the lease agreement including rental amount and rules and regulations for the tenants as well as the landlord. Make sure the tenant must follow all the rules mentioned in lease agreement such as:

  • Pay rent on time.
  • Do not damage the property.
  • Occupants limits should not be expand.
  • Keeping their unit clean.
  • Do not disturb the other tenant in the building.

Notify When Increase Income or Family Size

The tenant must inform the landlord whether income or family size increased. Suppose a person’s salary has increased then the landlord may also increase the rental charge according to the some percentage of his increment. And suppose the tenant has a baby but not increased his salary then the landlord may give him voucher of low rent. So, he must notify the landlord about this to get housing voucher or decrease the housing voucher.

Inform the Landlord When Moving Out

The tenant must give at least one month notice before moving out so that the landlord will get time to find the other tenants for his rental property. And if they did not give such notification then it is the right of the landlord to not to refund the security deposit. Hence it is the rule to inform the landlord when moving out.

Being a landlord you must tell your tenants about these rules and regulations and ask them to follow. And if you can’t handle tenants then you can simply hire professional property management company who will not help you to handle tenants and tenant’s problems but will also manage your property in best way.

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